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IMG_2380Read this article from Digital Photography School about lighting. Afterwards, answer the following questions on a piece of paper:

1.Name the 3 types of lighting the article was about and briefly describe each one.

2. What flexibility comes with using open shade?

3. What camera setting will help when shooting a backlit photograph?

4. Why is is better to look for good lighting than a good background?

Now read this article on natural lighting and it’s uses and answer the following questions:

5. Why do you think it’s important to observe light?

6. What is the purpose of experimenting with lighting scenarios?

7. What does it mean to expose with post-processing in mind?

8. What is the best way of improving your understanding of lighting?



As we begin to get a little more in depth with photography here in class it is important to discuss the type of format you will be shooting with your camera. As you touched on briefly in chapter 8 of your book, we will be a looking a little more closely at the RAW and JPG formats.

Check out this article from Digital Photography School’s blog as they explain the technical differences between the two.

Once you have read the article, write out the following questions and answer them on a piece of paper to turn in to class.

1. Name 4 characteristics of a RAW file.

2. Name 4 characteristics of a JPG file.

3. What happens when a camera “processes” a JPG file?

4. What are the benefits to shooting RAW over JPG?

5. What are the benefits to shooting JPG over RAW?