February Photo Project

February Photo Assignment

February is the beginning of the second semester of photography. You have learned a lot of information, technically and compositionally. All of that information needs to be used and applied in order to truly grasp it. The first project of your 2nd semester is to photography 25 different ideas or things listed on the other side of this paper. It can be done daily or all at once if you prefer.


Take time to look over the list of items and think of different ideas to fulfill the requirement. Start to look how to improve and edit your photos as needed. Make proper exposures, use good light, and visualize your composition before you start to shoot. Take as many photos as you need to in order to get your best shot. Upload YOUR BEST 25 photographs in total.

  1. Upload your BEST photos. Upload your photos using the FLICKR account you created to a public FLICKR set titled “CCHSPHOTO- Feb Photo”.
  2. Label the number of the item you fulfilled. In the title of each photo, label the number of the item and what it is. 


 All photos must be taken by you and within the time period of the assignment. Do not reuse old photographs that you may have laying around, even if they perfectly meet one of the requirements!

If you have any questions regarding the assignment, leave a comment on the blog or email me at bobby.brown@calvaryschools.org.


PHOTOS ONLINE: By the end of class TUESDAY, FEB. 28th.

  1. Shallow Depth of Field
  2. Rule of Thirds
  3. Balanced
  4. Detail or Close-Up
  5. Black and White
  6. Sun Flare
  7. School Spirit
  8. Lunch Group
  9. Dinner
  10. Christian
  11. Inspiration
  12. Friends


  1. Self Portrait
  2. 5 second shutter
  3. Clouds
  4. Someone you love
  5. Beverage
  6. Breakfast
  7. Red
  8. Frame withing a Frame
  9. Low Angle
  10. Eyes
  11. Upside Down
  12. Your Shoes
  13. Reflection



Food Magazine Practice images

You will be making a fictitious magazine cover to practice using the text tool in photoshop as well as learning how to lay out graphic elements. You will be using images referenced from various sites as your subject.

Download the Bon Appetit image and use it as you template in photoshop. Then choose a food subject image from below as your magazine cover image.


Creating Images

Read the following article from Digital-Photography-School about creating images.

Also, read this timely article on Frame Within A Frame to aid in your composition.

Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. Write out the question and answers.

  1. What is the difference between good photographers and great photographers?
  2. What helps you shoot pleasing compositions, great locations and visionary editorials?
  3. What 5 questions should you ask yourself before photographing?
  4. Why does practicing shooting for a client help with creating images?
  5. Framing can improve your composition by doing what for your subject?

Photoshop Intro

Today in class we will be opening up Photoshop and learning the different tools it offers. Download this image that I took and open it in Photoshop on your computer. img_2504

Rule of Thirds and Composition

You have a camera. You learned how to turn it on. You have begun to move past the automatic stage into the creative realm where you are setting your aperture for depth of field, or your shutter speed to capture motion.  Those are all good to know and valuable, but now we begin to focus our attention on the composition of our photos.

The composition of your images will either intrigue and spark interest or have no effect on the viewer. There are certain guidelines you can follow that will help to improve your overall images. One of those guidelines is the Rule of Thirds.

Read the following article from Digital-Photography-School.com that describes the Rule of Thirds and how it works. Answer the following questions on a piece of paper, writing out the question and answering it. Turn it in when finished.

1. What is the basic principle behind the rule of thirds?

2. What is a good technique for landscape shots?

3. What are important questions to ask when learning how to use the rule of thirds?

When you are finished, read this next article on composition and answer question 4.

4. What are 5 effective methods of composition? Give a brief description of each.