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30 Day Photo Project

The standard daily photo project that a lot of people have attempted to tackle is a 365 day venture. In this class we’re only going to do a 30-day photo project where you will take a picture everyday for the month of April.  The purpose of this project isn’t to simply get you shooting, but to really stretch your creativity and give you a challenge.

Read the following article from PetaPixel about how this kind of project can change your life.


The next time you’re out at lunch, take a moment to look around and see how many people are glued to their smartphones. In our culture, we are facing an increasing epidemic of lost conversation. So much time is spent focused on our little screens that we lose the opportunities for meaningful conversation and relationship building. The phone has become a vice.

In the following short article, Zack Arias did a little project capturing people on these devices, seemingly oblivious to the world around them. Do you resemble any of these people? What are your thoughts on this? Please comment below. 

Photoshop Intro

Today in class we will be opening up Photoshop and learning the different tools it offers. Download this image that I took and open it in Photoshop on your computer. img_2504

Rule of Thirds and Composition

You have a camera. You learned how to turn it on. You have begun to move past the automatic stage into the creative realm where you are setting your aperture for depth of field, or your shutter speed to capture motion.  Those are all good to know and valuable, but now we begin to focus our attention on the composition of our photos.

The composition of your images will either intrigue and spark interest or have no effect on the viewer. There are certain guidelines you can follow that will help to improve your overall images. One of those guidelines is the Rule of Thirds.

Read the following article from that describes the Rule of Thirds and how it works. Answer the following questions on a piece of paper, writing out the question and answering it. Turn it in when finished.

1. What is the basic principle behind the rule of thirds?

2. What is a good technique for landscape shots?

3. What are important questions to ask when learning how to use the rule of thirds?

When you are finished, read this next article on composition and answer question 4.

4. What are 5 effective methods of composition? Give a brief description of each.