What is your adventure?

As we watched the short clip about photographer Cory Richards, maybe you started thinking of a place in this world that you would like to explore. Maybe your mind began thinking about a trip that would be the adventure of a lifetime! In a comment below, share what your personal adventure of a lifetime would be and what would you photograph.


  1. Michael DeVries

    I have been to the Netherlands many times and still haven’t seen all there is to see. I would want to go and explore everything I can there and take photographs of it all, after that I would want to come back to America and have an all expense paid van to take all around the country and just explore for a year around the US. that would be my trip of a lifetime.

  2. Bree Martinez

    There are so many places I would love to explore. I would absolutely love to go to Ireland. every picture I’ve seen of the landscape (especially the beaches) have been breathtaking. It’s so green and the cliffs are amazing. I would also love to photograph some of the architecture there too. From simple cottages to buildings in Dublin, I think it would be such a great opportunity. All around, Ireland seems to be the perfect photo spot containing a variety and beautiful architecture and landscape.

  3. Nathaniel Martinez

    My adventure of a lifetime would be to go to the Himalayas. Even though it would be extremely cold, I would want to photograph the mountains covered with snow, the sun peeking over the snow covered mountains, or a time lapse picture of the stars. Something about the mountains makes me want to be there and take pictures of them.

  4. Adrianna Tinoco

    The adventure of a lifetime would be touring Europe. I would go to England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, and Austria. I would go to historical landmarks and museums. I would visit the cathedrals and famous landmarks. I would take walks around famous cities. I would like to see what the cultures are like in these countries. I would photograph the interesting places that I go to. I would also photograph the different people in these foreign countries. I would also photograph the nature in these places.

  5. daniel

    My adventure of a lifetime would be a trip by myself to the heart of soccer, Brazil. Even though I have already been there, this time I would travel the whole country photographing from little kids playing soccer in the street to the real soccer in the stadiums. I would also photograph all the different types of lifestyles they have there like the poor favelas, to the more luxurious, city life, to the tropical, urban life and lastly to the beautiful beaches along the coast in Brazil like in Rio and Sao Paulo.

  6. Lynette Bonilla

    If I were to go on an adventure of a lifetime, I would visit Australia. I would visit Australia because I feel like there is so much I could possibly do to have a great adventure. I would go visit all the different beaches and surf. If I were to take pictures of this adventure, I would take pictures of all the amazing waves there are to see.

  7. Aubrey Pembroke

    For me, the adventure of a lifetime would be in the British Isles and around Ireland. There is so much greenery there and just lush trees and forests that I would love to explore in and photograph. Also, I really enjoy British accents and maybe I would pick up on one of my own. History there is just overflowing as well, Big Ben and the London Eye are just two. Ireland would be so spectacular as well because of it’s mountains and open fields of green. I’ve always wanted to live in someplace like that with so many trees and just life everywhere. Mountains are also something that I’ve wanted to explore and Ireland has plentiful amounts of them. Mountains sitting there staring at me with the sun rising over their peaks and I’m thinking “I’m gonna climb that.” – Laythan Oweis

  8. Mia Foster

    My adventure of a lifetime would be going to Africa. I don’t know why but its my dream to go to Africa. I would go all around Africa not just a certain place. Africa doesn’t have just Ebola it also has my favorite animal elephants. And from what I have heard there are elephants in Africa. I would also take pictures of the people. I feel like I could get some pretty rad shots in Africa. I feel like it would be nice to be in your own little world in Africa.

  9. Melody Ebenhoe

    If I could choose somewhere to go to take pictures, I would probably choose Hawaii or anywhere with tropical beaches. I really like pictures of the beach because I think the scenery is really pretty and the feeling you get from it makes you happy and makes you feel like you just want to go on vacation and relax. I would also really like to take pictures in the water, like underwater pictures, or pictures of sea animals. I also think it would be really pretty if I went in the afternoon, so that way I could get a picture of the sunset. I think beach pictures look the best because they’re all bright and make you happy and relaxed.

  10. joy joo

    The one adventure I want to travel to is the jungle and maybe South America. I want to take pictures of the unique plants and animals that live in the jungle. I also want to take pictures of smiling little children that have very little to survive and tell the world that these kids have almost nothing, but they still laugh and are thankful for what they have. The way and where they live is fascinating photos to take to me. I want to take pictures of the daily lives of people who catch their own food, build their own house, and cooking their own food with just fire. These two places are the places I really want to go to take pictures.

  11. Presley Olivas

    A trip of a lifetime for me couldn’t be narrowed down to one specific country or city. I would travel as many places as possible in a time frame. India, Uganda, Switzerland, and China are at the top of my list, because the culture and scenery is so different from what I’m used to. I would photograph anything the captured my attention, whether it be people, trademarks or scenery.

  12. Marie Seidel

    This video inspired me to dropout of school and go to a place of my dreams, the islands of Alaska. They are so untouched in some spots. Though harsh, I still want to see the extreme winter. Like this man I enjoy wide surroundings and mountains. I love the feeling of being away from the business of life and on your own to explore and discover. I like a little challenge too. Without a challenge the journey isn’t a journey, its just a little loser walk. I want to discover a new place full of new sites and creatures. Then I want to keep it to myself, just to get away from everything and let my feelings flow. I will take weird abstract pictures of this place to leave people wondering. And I will be that mysterious friend in the neighborhood that your mom tells you to stay away from but you’re secretly going to want to be me and explore with me and be my best friend.

  13. Alora Rambo

    my adventure would be somewhere different.. like antarctica or Alaska, somewhere where it is cold and there are unusual animals you don’t see very often, like only in pictures. I would photograph groups of penguins huddling around each other or sliding down snowy peaks on their bellies. many people don’t explore colder parts of the world because they are not “comfortable” in cold weather. But for me, thats the fun part, not worrying about yourself for a second and seeing God’s creation cause it would probably be a memory you wouldn’t ever forget.

  14. Carly Johnson

    If I could go on any adventure, I would backpack throughout Europe. Some places I would stop include the Alps, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the green fields of Ireland and England, the Roman ruins, Paris, the French countryside, and last but not least, Millstatt, Austria. I would take pictures of things big and small. I would eat foods I have never tried before. I would consume massive amounts of gelato. I would attempt to speak to the natives in their language, the best way that I could. I would take pictures of all different kinds of faces of people with all different ages and all different backgrounds. I would stop at as many Calvary Chapels as I could and establish relationships with people at every stop.

  15. Kara Newman

    I would definitely have my adventure in the island of Antigua. I have already been to this beautiful land and I know where the most beautiful locations and beaches are. Although Antigua is exceedingly beautiful, it is also poor so I feel like I can capture the natural Caribbean beauty along with the harsh rural life. The last time I was there, I witnessed a boy trying to wash his donkey in the ocean. I would like to capture that If I could ever see it again.

  16. Rachel

    There is not just one specific place that I would want to go. I have always wanted to travel the world and go from country to country and city to city experiencing different cultures and eating different foods. I would love to take pictures of all the people, buildings, nature and food in every place that I go. Anytime that I have traveled to the few places that I have, I have loved taking pictures and it has always made me want to travel more and to every place that I can possibly go.

  17. olivia selley

    I loved when he said that he had been to all seven continents because he had such a variety of photos. I have hundreds of places in my head which I would love to go to and explore, but the first thing to think about is going to all the continents. I love tropical places, but probably because that is the only climate I have really vacationed on. I have no idea how I will have time in the future to go to all of the places I want to go (a.k.a. everywhere).

  18. Tyler Thorin

    My adventure of a lifetime would be a trip to China. China has so much ancient history. It has had many dynasties and each one has been remembered. I would take pictures depicting China’s everyday life and culture. I would photograph the poverty and communism in China. I would take pictures of the harsh child labor in factories. Hopefully, my photos will start a cause to improve China’s poor conditions. I would also travel to the Great Wall of China and take pictures of it. I would visit Shaolin temples and take pictures of the monks.

  19. Chase Black

    I have never been to the place of my ancestors, Croatia. Croatia to me from the pictures I have seen and the stories I have heard sounds like the most magical place in the universe. I would take pictures of the waterfalls and go explore the many islands. Dubrovnic is a city of all terrain and experiences ranging from moon pools to ancient castles. There is so much history there and I would love to capture it.

  20. Avalon Preciado

    For my adventure of a liftime, I would like to go to Israel. My grandfather and my grandmother travel to different places in the world and they have visited Israel. My grandfather also does some photography as well. I think it would be cool to take pictures of a different environment of sand hills, camels, and different people. Israel also has a lot of history wrapped in its small country as well as history from biblical times.

  21. Hannah Block

    I would love to photograph Jerusalem and Greece. So I could go see the places where Jesus and Paul had preached. I would love to photograph the ancient cities and take them back home with me to share with everyone. I think it would be the adventure of a lifetime, and it would be spiritually enriching.

  22. Brandon Truongalong

    when I grow up, I would want to explore the ocean. That video was inspirational, it makes me want to do something useful with my short life, I must live up to all expectations. I want to become a great photographer and bring a camera anywhere and just take a shot of God’s beautiful earth. I want to explore deep in the ocean, pictures of the sea animals not even discovered yet. Or Asia there’s a lot of stuff in Asia. 😀

  23. natalie olmedo

    I would love to travel all over the world. All the different places have something different to photograph. Some have spectacular mountain ranges, and some have breath taking views. One thing I would love to see is the rising sun peaking through the snowy mountains. I would also love to photograph the different people . They all have their own story ,that they can tell through the look in their eye.

  24. emily cornelius

    My adventure would be traveling to Iceland or Scotland. Going out into the middle of no where, not really knowing where your going, getting to photograph some of the most beautiful places on earth. Stopping whenever just to admire Gods creation and how much precision he has put into everything we look right past on a daily basis. Being able to sit in an open field, think, photograph, and forget all of the drama, and just admire everything around you.

  25. Sofiah McKeown

    For me, the adventure of a lifetime would be to travel to Fiji. I would photograph the different villages. The vast amount of different people that live there would be really interesting. Each of the villages have different cultures within them. I would also love to photograph the different beaches in Fiji. I would in particular love to photograph the waves. I would especially like to go to Tavarua, Fiji to photograph the waves. The Volcom Fiji Pro was held in Tavarua in 2013 where Kelly Slater won.

  26. starr stice

    if I were to go on an adventure of a life time I would go somewhere with beaches or the ocean, like Hawaii, there is so much to see in the big blue.

  27. Jordyn Bush

    I’ve been to Austria and Germany a total of three times over of period of consecutive years. There is so much history in only those two countries it’s completely unreal and I’m super blessed to have been able to go there with Calvary’s church over the summer. I had had my camera before I went but I didn’t think to take it because I didn’t know how to use it. If I get the opportunity to travel to the few cities we had went to, I would definitely take pictures of the natural scenery because they seem to have an abundance of it; I would also take pictures of the local favorite foods(they have bomb bratwurst), historic places and monuments like the Glockenspiel(famous Austrian clock) and be able to capture the people with their lederhosen and especially all their odd shops that hold all sorts of odd trinkets.

  28. Rochel Go

    My adventure of a lifetime would be to anywhere out of America, see how others live their lives because we live in a fortunate environment with a powerful government. I want to see the different landscapes, structures, food, and languages in the world. I would take countless pictures to capture the moments where I am living every second of my life to the fullest. Outside our regular routine, outside of our state and country, there is the rest of the world that not everyone has the chance to explore.

  29. Lilly Mitchell

    There is no way I could say just one place that would be my ultimate adventure. I want to go everywhere, I can’t even narrow down my top five. I want to photograph people, places, and events. Every place has it’s own uniqueness and I would love to photograph all of the different cultures and people.

  30. christian davis

    it would be cool going to difrent places to take pictures but if I had to chose one specif place I could because I would want to go evry where. I would go to the mountains, oceans, Hawaii even the jungle to see all the different types of animals.

  31. Claire Han

    I would want to journey deep into Alaska (preferably in the winter, or maybe even summer?). To take pictures of the lights- I believe aurora borealis, would be worth the trip of a lifetime. I want to experience the extreme cold temperatures and find myself at peace in a land of snow- in the winter. I want to photograph the trees, snow, animals, sunrises reflecting off the snow, etc. I want to get away from the smog, from towering buildings, and experience nature untouched.

  32. Walter Mitty

    I would love to venture through Alberta, Canada and Iceland. There are thoughts stirring up in my head on what I would do. I would just enjoy. Enjoy the nature and everything that that comes with it. Seeing photographs of the stars and lakes in Alberta and how green it is inspires me to go out and explore what was made for me. Roaming around Iceland seeing all that there is for me to climb and venture gets me stoked. I couldn’t ask for a better place, it has everything I dream of exploring. Taking pictures of my friends climbing and hiking gets me inspired to do it once more. Photographs are meant to drive others to explore what you have already conquered. Adventure begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

  33. starr stice

    for me if I was to go on an adventure of a life time I want to see the oceans all the different kinds of animals. like Hawaii because I want to swim with the turtles and kiss the dolphins. and all the food, I would take so many pictures of the food.

  34. Rachel

    If I had the opportunity to go on any adventure and by any means, I would go on a backpacking trip carrying the minimal amount of equipment to survive. I would travel to remote and untouched places of earth in search for epic views. I would climb to the summits of high peaks and from there find another place on the horizon to travel. Along the way I would capture images to document my travels.

  35. Isaac Kritex Kuzwaruh

    Personally, I want to venture somewhere throughout Asia. Japan specifically and I want to photograph the amazing night lights of Tokyo. Photographing the many people crossing the streets in Tokyo with all the building lights in the background. Every time I see a picture like that by somebody else, I’m always so inspired to want to take that type of picture myself. I also want to photograph the beautiful mountains and beaches of Hawaii… So amazing…

  36. Joshua Simpson

    My adventure of a lifetime would be to travel all around the world and take photographs of each country’s major cities. I like going to LA and other cities to take photos, so to take photos of a different city in a different country would be exciting. You also get to experience the culture of a country you go to visit and the heart of the culture is in the city. It would be really cool to get a shot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

  37. Skylie Thornton

    I really want to go to New Zealand one day. I think its a very interesting place and I would love to learn more about it and be able to experience the beautiful country in person. There are so many things in New Zealand that are different from here, and I think that is a big reason why I would want to go. I want to go somewhere totally new. I would photograph the beautiful scenery, exotic animals, new foods, and different people. Its always been a dream of mine to go there, and I hope one day I can.

  38. April Nguyen

    If I were to travel anywhere in the world it would probably be Asia. I would go Asia because there is so many things there. Theres just so much in Asia like cool technology or amazing cultural food. Also since asia is just so big theres just such a wide variety of things. I would just photograph as many things as possible to capture the moment. Pretty much take a picture of everything I see, go, eat, or wear.

  39. lil jemima

    I would go to the Bahamas to walk on the white soft sand and swim in the crystal clear waterS with the sea animals and play ukulele all day and have a big bonfire by night

  40. Alex Harakas

    I have been to Europe before and love the architecture and historical richness in even the big cities. I would love to return there to capture its beautiful scenery. Also, I am more interested in going to small villages in Africa or other third world countries to live there for a while. It would be amazing to capture life there both for my personal memory and for others to vicariously live through my experience.

  41. Hope Alhart

    My dream place to adventure would be EVERYWHERE!!! I want to visit and travel the world, I want to see all the amazing things and cultures that the world has to offer. I want to see everything and anything!! But my top place I have wanted to go for the longest time is Greece, because my favorite movie of all time (Mama Mia) was shot in Greece. And it just looks amazing and the people are so friendly and loving!!

  42. natalie

    If I were to go on an adventure anywhere in the world I would choose Australia. Australia has always interested me so I hope to visit someday and take amazing pictures. They have the most beautiful oceans there with bright blue water and I would really like to photograph the white beach there. Aside from the beaches, I just really want to capture every moment of my time there. Such as the places I eat, the roads I drive, and the views I see.

  43. Faith Rowell

    My adventure of a lifetime would be going to Australia. I would want to go to Australia because I really enjoy taking pictures of the beach and Australia has really pretty beaches. Wow that sounded dumb. I think it would also be really cool to take desert pictures there and understand the culture.

  44. Taylor Nicholas

    If I could go on any adventure I would love to go to Australia. I think it would be so interesting to see how their culture differs from ours. It would also love to take pictures of kangaroos. I have never seen a kangaroo in person and I think it would be so cool to take a picture of one. I would also like to see what the Outback is like and be able to explore.

  45. faitharowell@gmail.com

    If I could go any place in the world as an adventure, it would definitely be Brazil. Ever since I was six, I have always wanted to travel here to explore tropical rain forests. Not to mention at age seven when I discovered a love for soccer and started traveling for it. Going to places all around the world including Sweden, France, Spain, Paris, and more. All of those places are beautiful and they are great places to travel to and to experience the levels of soccer. But Brazil has always been a place that I have wanted to go to for soccer, but I just haven’t gotten the opportunity yet. Hopefully, soon enough 🙂

  46. Peyton Pointer

    If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Fiji. I have always wanted to go to Fiji. I love tropical and beach like places and I would love to learn what the culture is like there. I have never been out of the country and i think it would be amazing to go there

  47. allison Eichelberger

    There are many different places that I would love to visit but my top pick would probably be Ireland. It looks so beautiful there and I think it would be a great place for adventure. I really love that it has so much greenery and wonderful views. I would probably take pictures of all the pretty scenery there and people.

  48. Luke Alvarado

    My adventure would be going to Brazil. I would go to explore the Amazon and take pictures of everything. I like taking landscape pictures and the Amazon has a lot of opportunities.

  49. Charlie Pierce

    I have traveled before in my life but i have always wanted to see the African Serengeti. I want to go on an African safari to see all the animals and see the vast wilderness that is there.

  50. manny

    I thought of going to italy. I want to visit places i have only dreamed of. also i would like to go to deserts or just where the road will lead me i guess.

  51. Michael Oca

    There are so many places I want to visit! But Israel would me my number one destination. I want to walk the same streets as Jesus!. I think it would be awesome to be in the same places and around the same culture Jesus was around during his time on earth.

  52. Bella Blue (the one that says Faith is actually mine)

    If I could go any place in the world as an adventure, it would definitely be Brazil. Ever since I was six, I have always wanted to travel here to explore tropical rain forests. Not to mention at age seven when I discovered a love for soccer and started traveling for it. Going to places all around Europe including Sweden, France, Spain, Paris, and more. All of those places are beautiful and they are great places to travel to, to experience the levels of soccer. But Brazil has always been a place that I have wanted to go to for soccer, but I just haven’t gotten the opportunity yet. Hopefully, soon enough 🙂

  53. Kanta K.

    I would go to Peru because I’ve seen many cool pictures from there. I want to see how they live and their culture. I would take many different pictures but mostly landscape

  54. Hannah Welsh

    If I could travel anywhere in the world to take photographs it would be France. From the pictures I have seen of France, I get the idea that it is an absolutely breathtaking place to visit. On my trip, I wouldn’t stay in an Americanized hotel, I would stay in a french cottage home. In the mornings I would go to farmers markets and then coffee shops to edit while sipping on some authentic French coffee, pastry in hand. My transportation throughout the day would never be car: it would be walking, biking, or train. Throughout the days I would visit local french favorite spots and go to see the ancient architecture. Every Night on my trip I would go and see the rifle tower. I feel like the style of photo would be complete opposites day vs. night.

  55. madison dumas

    If I could travel anywhere, it would definitely be to Thailand. In movies and shows, Thailand looks absolutely incredible. I like taking pictures of bright, colorful things that have detail and beauty. Thailand has so many adventurous opportunities and once in a lifetime experiences.

  56. Hannah Kranz

    My adventure would be Ireland. the country is beautiful and full of green and massive castles that would be fun to see in my own pictures. I would also take pictures of the people and the differences in culture.

  57. Eden Aleman

    I think an adventure of a lifetime for me would be going on a year long trip around Africa. Africa is such a big place and I would love to explore it.I think the thing that draws me to Africa is the fact that I know very little about it and I would rather see it from my point of view than read about someone else’s. I think it would be a beautiful spot for photography as well.

  58. Matthew Devries

    my adventure of a lifetime would be to go to the Himalayas because I have always wanted to go there. I would take landscape pictures of everything around me.

  59. Alexa

    I think my adventure of a lifetime would be anything I would be just grateful just to go out even if it’s local or out of country. But, if I would pick anywhere out of the country it’ll be Vietnam. Vietnam seems to be beautiful it has a beaches, jungles, and farmlands. I do have family there, so I think I would be comfortable being over there.

  60. Ryan Thomas

    I personally would love to travel all around the world to experience different cultures that are simply unique and cant be felt anyway else than to go out and travel. Hopefully one day I can live out that dream. In my opinion there would be no feeling quite like it.

  61. Nic Lopez

    If I could travel anywhere and take pictures I would go down to Patagonia in Argentina. I’m fascinated with the variety of landscapes in one area. There is tundra, mountains and forest. Because of the variety of climates there, there are many types of wildlife to photograph. I would also spend time in the foothills of the Andes doing landscape images. If I went at the right time of year I would have a chance to capture the aurora australis. This trip would be amazing because there would be so much to take in in one geographical area.

  62. Brianna Peralta

    I would choose either Greece or Rome because of the amazing foods, artifacts, and cultures. Not to mention the amazing tombs and writings.

  63. Naomi Cordeiro

    Thankfully I have gotten to be in many adventures and to travel around the world. An adventure i would love to go on is go to Hawaii and hike up and find secret caves and secret waterfalls. I’ve never been and that is a dream of mine to go. I would photograph the details of the caves and the beauty of the waterfalls.

  64. Katarina Wales

    An adventure of a life time for me would be in Thailand. Although there are so many diverse and beautiful things all throughout the world I would want to go to Thailand. While I was there I would want to photograph every single beautiful thing out there. I would go from photographing the people, to the animals, to the land, to different ceremonies. Absolutely every single amazing thing there.

  65. Kaleo Fuller

    I think that I would take pictures of the ocean and beautiful beaches. I would go to places with amazing beaches like Costa Rica, Bahamas, etc. I would go anywhere with beaches. I also want to go to the mountains and lakes. more inland. like lake Tahoe, and a bunch of other places that are in the mountains with lakes and rivers.

  66. haley correa

    I would want to go to Barcelona. The houses, streets, everything is very old and classic. Its a pretty area and I would love to photograph the people there, the streets, and the citys. They have areas by the ocean you can take pictures of. Its all and all a beautiful place.

  67. jackie owen

    I would want to travel to Vietnam. My mother was born there and she shares all of her wonderful stories about her childhood with me. There are so many beautiful places there like the jungles, beaches, islands, and tropical cities. I would love to explore Vietnam with my mom one day. I would capture all of my adventures so I could never forget what an awesome time I would have there.

  68. Jake

    I would choose the Bahamas or go back to Costa Rica. In the Bahamas I would shoot many underwater pictures, and I Costa Rica; I went about two years ago and I wish I had a camera then, so I could capture the great jungle wildlife

  69. Ammie

    I went to Mexico in winter of 2015 and that experience changed me. I went from Mexico city to Puebla and from Puebla to Oaxca . The people over there are so different the culture and the structures everything makes you just stop and think . When I was down in the ruins it was so rich in history and very interesting . At that time I didn’t take many pictures very few grainy ones on my phone . Now I wish I had brought my camera with me because some things didn’t show much detail through a phone . I hope in the future that I get to travel to a few places like Tokyo , Prague and London .

  70. madelyn wedmore

    if i could have an adventure anywhere it would be to several countries in europe such as italy france greece and spain. i would photograph the country side the cities and the people who live in them.

  71. BenjAmin Hoang

    I would fly to Antarctica and take pictures of the lavalakes, storms, and glaciers as they fall into the ocean. I would also land at the south pole just to say I’d been there.
    P.S. my first comment was something I would actually want to do in 30 years or if i had cancer and only had so much time left to live.

  72. kendra

    If I could go to one place in the world to visit and take amazing photos it would probably be Italy or in the Bahamas because they are really beautiful places that I’ve had my eye on for the longest time. I want to take beautiful pictures of the ocean and beaches that I might find in the Bahamas. Also, in Italy id love to take photos of the underground ” caves ” in Rome where you can find skeletons and learn the history and background in Europe. You can literally get lost and die in those caves if your not carful.

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