Favorite Things Project

Read the following description for your next project which is due this Monday, May 22nd!

We all have things that we’re interested in. Whether it be foods, sports, or other activities, there are many things that we call our favorites. This week’s project is to capture some of those favorite things in new, creative ways.


You will photograph 10 DIFFERENT ideas that show what is your favorite. They can be taken all in one day or spread out through the week. You will then upload 10 photographs to your Flickr account in a set.

  1. Requirement 1: Proper Exposure. Your photo must be properly lit on the subject and overall.
  2. Requirement 2: Good Composition. Your photo must have a clear subject and be composed in a way that directs the viewers eye to that subject.
  3. Requirement 3: Good use of light. Side lighting; rear lighting; window lighting; diffused lighting – whatever light is used on your subject needs to be beneficial to the photo and not harmful.
  4. Upload your photos and add description. Upload your photos using the FLICKR account you created last week to a public FLICKR set titled “CCHSPHOTO- Favorite Things”. Add a description for each photo stating what the favorite item is.


All photos must be taken by you and within the time period of the assignment. Do not reuse old photographs that you may have laying around, even if they perfectly meet one of the requirements!

If you have any questions regarding the assignment, leave a comment on the blog or email me.

Grading Rubric

30 points total. 1 point per each photo submitted plus 20 points based on the following:


0-4 pts Emerging – Does not use the rule of thirds, horizon line, balance, leading lines, framing, selective focus, or lighting in photo.

5-7 pts Competent – Uses one or more composition techniques in their photographs.

8-10pts Exemplary– Always uses two or more composition techniques in their photographs.


0-4 pts Emerging – All or some image(s) are out of focus. Poor image quality, with incorrect exposure. Poor use of camera functions, lighting, peripherals

5-7 pts Competent – Good image quality, with proper exposure. Adequate use of camera functions, lighting, peripherals

8-10pts Exemplary- Outstanding image quality, with proper exposure. Excellent use of camera functions, lighting, peripherals.

DUE DATE: Monday, May 22nd.



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