Zoned Out

Have you ever been waiting in an airport terminal, or waiting in line at Starbucks, or in your seat at a movie theater before the movie begins and seen scores of people zoned out on their cell phones? Next time you’re out and about, pay attention to how many people have their faces stuck in their screens. It can be funny how oblivious people are to the world around them.

This project is aimed at finding those people who are “zoned out” in the world. You will be looking for ways to best capture a photograph of this idea.


Observe your surroundings and look for the best examples of being “zoned out” on a device. Take multiple photographs that best illustrate this idea. You’ll want to take the photos without the person knowing you are photographing them. Make proper exposures, use good light, and visualize your composition before you start to shoot. Take as many photos as you need to in order to get your best shot. Upload YOUR BEST 5 photographs in total.

  1. Edit your photos as needed. Will black and white work best for your image? Will more contrast help? Decide what will make your image stand out the best.
  2. Upload your BEST Upload your 5 photos using the FLICKR account you created to a public FLICKR set titled “CCHSPHOTO- Zoned Out”.


 All photos must be taken by you and within the time period of the assignment. Do not reuse old photographs that you may have laying around, even if they perfectly meet one of the requirements!

If you have any questions regarding the assignment, leave a comment on the blog or email me at

DUE DATE:  PHOTOS ONLINE: By the start of class on Friday, March 24th.

Grading Rubric

25 points total. 1 point per each photo submitted plus 20 points based on the following:


0-4 pts Emerging – Does not use the rule of thirds, horizon line, balance, leading lines, framing, selective focus, or lighting in photo.

5-7 pts Competent – Uses one or more composition techniques in their photographs.

8-10pts Exemplary– Always uses two or more composition techniques in their photographs.


0-4 pts Emerging – All or some image(s) are out of focus. Poor image quality, with incorrect exposure. Poor use of camera functions, lighting, peripherals

5-7 pts Competent – Good image quality, with proper exposure. Adequate use of camera functions, lighting, peripherals

8-10pts Exemplary- Outstanding image quality, with proper exposure. Excellent use of camera functions, lighting, peripherals.


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