As we begin to understand exposure and getting to the proper exposure for our images, there is a lot of information to remember. The following are links to articles to help you better understand the concept so that you can put it into practice quicker. Click on the the link to watch the video and answer the corresponding questions for each video on a piece of paper. Turn this paper in at the end of class.

From SLR Lounge:

Understanding Exposure with the Exposure Triangle

  1. What do the cups represent?
  2. What represented light in the analogy?
  3. What does f/2 and f/4 really represent?
  4. What is bokeh?
  5. What is ISO?
  6. What happens as the ISO increases from 100-200-400?
  7. As a general rule, shoot at what ISO?
  8. If exposure can’t be made with aperture and shutter adjustments, what’s the last resort?

No Such Thing as a Correct Exposure

  1. Why did he choose yellow for the model  and balloons?
  2. At what direction does the light make it difficult to shoot?
  3. What do you want to see in a silhouette?
  4. Why does he shoot low?

From Cambridge in Colour:

Camera Exposure

  1. Aperture affects ___________, shutter speed affects _______________ and ISO speed affects ______________.
  2. All one usually cares about with shutter speed is whether it results in a ____________ — either by freezing movement or because the shot can be taken hand held without camera shake.
  3. In photographer slang, when someone says they are “stopping down” or “opening up” their lens, they are referring to _______________________________ the f-stop value, respectively.
  4. Unlike aperture and shutter speed, a lower ISO speed is almost always desirable, since higher ISO speeds __________________________.
  5. In ___________ mode, you specify the aperture and ISO; the shutter speed is determined by a remote release switch, or by the duration until you press the shutter button a second time.
  6. Keep in mind that most of the settings rely on the _____________________ in order to know what’s a proper exposure.

First Assignment!

Photo Class 1st Assignment

1. Go to FLICKR.com

2. Sign up

3. Post 1 photo that you have taken.  (Can be anything)

4. Email me (bobby.brown@calvaryschools.org) the link to your photostream (http://www.flickr.com/photos/bobbybrownphotography/)

5. Bring your camera tomorrow to classFLICKR

Welcome to Photo Class!

I’m excited to have so many new students this year for photography! I am looking forward to seeing your creativity and seeing you grow in this art.  I am here to assist you and answer any questions you may have, so feel free to ask.  Check out the links on the right for interesting content and ways to find more education in this field.

You can always email me at bobby.brown@calvaryschools.org with any questions you might have.